Crossword Test, HTML

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World Affairs Council of Monterey Bay, Crossword Puzzle #1
World Affairs Council of Monterey Bay, Crossword Puzzle #1


1. Boss Tweed’s nemesis
5. A pleasant conversation
10. Salinger heroine
14. Sound off the wall
15. Woodworking tool
16. [I’m glad that’s over!]17. Processed in a blender
19. Apiece
21. Stress
22. Emergency signals
23. Bring in
25. ____ Vegas
26. Sensible addition to the “No shirts, no shoes, no service” signs
27. How a second grader might pronounce 3 words as Superman flies by
28. Hard rocks
30. On whose grounds can you find funnel cakes and prize pickles?
33. K2 loc.
34. With 35-Across, James Bond’s first film
35. See 34-Across
36. Needs a cracker
37. Tenzing Norgay
39. Cool dessert
42. In excelsis ___
43. A person who isn’t renting
44. Tasty general
45. What’s best to do with sleeping dogs
46. Before there were Tigers in Baton Rouge
48. Bun wrappers
52. Give advice to
53. Serious memory lapse
54. Jabba is one
55. Acronym phonetically derived from 17-, 30-, and 52-Across
57. Deer topper
58. Mems. of Oakland’s bball team
59. Musical repeat mark
60. Files a lawsuit


1. Semiaquatic salamander
2. Pine for
3. It’s formed by the tibia
4. Wrenching
5. Title character in a Shakespeare tragedy
6. “And so the poor doggy _____”
7. With 56-Down, DNA bases
8. Heists
9. Local swimmer
10. Former home of the Dunkers in PA
11. Spit and polisher
12. Not the ladies’
13. Woolly mother
18. Cliched simile for beautiful eyes
20. You are more than likely to be this
24. Dir. from AAA
26. It may be ugly
28. An essential for your Maps app
29. Part of a cheer
30. If The Diving Comedy were updated, Dante’s first circle might be this
31. Don’t get stuck in one
32. Abbr. for holy ones
38. Stews about
39. Three of four directions
40. “Wow!”
41. Another word for pagers
43. Wing parts
46. What a child might do after a “no”
47. Stitches up
49. Jacob’s twin
50. Houston university
51. Fancy 5th Avenue shop
52. When tripled, a dance
56. See 7-Down