Discussion Group – 2022 wrap and looking toward 2023

This year the WACMB discussion group had nine discussions on Great Decisions 2022 and seven discussions on topics in follow-up to WACMB luncheon lectures. A complete list of the 16 discussion topics covered in 2022, as well as the 27 topics in 2020 and 17 topics in 2021, is available here.

Our first meeting of 2023 will be on Monday, January 9 via Zoom on the topic of “Ethiopia: understanding the conflict and prospects for peace”, in follow-up to the luncheon lecture of December 19th. We intend to invite the four students who attended the luncheon to participate in the discussion. A message with background reading and discussion questions will be circulated by January 2nd. If you would like to join the group, please send a message to discussiongroup@wacmb.org.

After that we will embark on Great Decisions 2023 starting Monday February 6th. A separate message message will be posted in January on how to sign-up and purchase your booklet.

Wishing you all the best in the New Year.

Boyd Haight and Linda Dilger