Discussion Group July 18, 2022: Ukraine and Russia – Why the West vs the Rest?

The Russian invasion of Ukraine is in its fifth month. The invasion is illegal – it violates the territorial integrity of a UN member nation, and it goes against the norms of the post-war liberal international order. The nations of the world are not united in response to Russia’s aggression; while Western countries have condemned the invasion and imposed sanctions on Russia, many non-Western countries have not. Yet the war and the reaction to it are causing significant economic and social impacts worldwide. To discuss:

  1. What are the political and economic dynamics that have led nations not to call out Russia for its invasion of Ukraine?
  2. What can the US government do to convince “fence-sitters” that they can balance their own interests with the American and European drive to isolate Russia?
  3. What could be the long-term effects of the different sides taken by countries (i.e. support Ukraine, neutral, support Russia)?

The following resources provide background for our discussion: