Discussion Group news October 2022 – Great Decisions

Latest news and updates on the WACMB discussion group.

1. Great Decisions 2022 follow-up

The Foreign Policy Association (FPA) has published a three-page update (as of 9/15/22) on four of the GD 2022 topics (Outer Space, Climate Change, Russia and the U.S., Biden’s Agenda). You can read the update at https://fpa.org/ckfinder/userfiles/files/Fall%20Update%202022.pdf.

The upcoming Academic World Quest (AWQ) competition includes some of the GD 2022 topics. For those of you who purchased the GD 2022 booklet, please consider donating your used booklet to WACMB for use by AWQ students. You can drop off your booklet at an upcoming WACMB luncheon (give to Linda or Maria), at the WACMB office (479 Pacific St., Suite 5A, Monterey), or by contacting us at discussiongroup@wacmb.org to arrange for a handover. Thank you!

2. Great Decisions 2023

Get ready for Great Decisions 2023! The eight topics announced by FPA are: Energy Geopolitics; War Crimes; China and the U.S.; Economic Warfare; Politics in Latin America; Global Famine; Iran at a Crossroads; Climate Migration. You can find brief descriptions of the topics at https://www.fpa.org/great_decisions/?act=gd_topics. We plan to hold the GD 2023 discussions every Monday from February 6th to April 3rd (except Feb 20th), so mark you calendars. Information on purchasing the GD booklet will be provided in due course.

3. Discussion Group Meetings in November and December 2022

We will hold our last two regular discussion group meetings of 2022 on Monday, November 7th (Economic effects of the invasion of Ukraine) and Monday, December 5th (Where is democracy going in the world?). As usual, separate messages will be sent to you a week before each meeting with the Zoom link, background material and discussion questions.