Discussion Group October 3, 2022: Russia and Ukraine (based on recent WACMB luncheon lectures)

Our discussion group meeting on Monday, October 3rd at 5:00 p.m. PDT will consider the topic of Russia and Ukraine based on three recent WACMB luncheon presentations.
We will consider some of the issues raised by the speakers, such as:
1. The near-term prospects for Russia and Ukraine in the context of what Russia wants from the invasion and the current state of the conflict, including recent Ukrainian advances, the status of Russian and Ukrainian military forces, recent Russian domestic reaction to the conflict, and Putin’s threat to use nuclear weapons.
2. The global economic effects of the invasion and how the international community is addressing these challenges, particularly in relation to energy and food.
3.  The longer-term political impacts of the conflict, including the reasons that political and military support is being provided to Ukraine.
Here are recordings of the three WACMB luncheon lectures on this topic.
Russia’s War on Ukraine – The Honorable William B. Taylor, US Institute of Peace and former US Ambassador to Ukraine – WACMB Luncheon Lecture September 21, 2022.  https://youtu.be/ZNaMHT_rpeI
As the war between Russia and Ukraine enters its seventh month, causing serious destruction on many levels, the world struggles to find a resolution that will settle the conflict and ease the disruption it has caused globally. Ambassador Taylor uses his “boots on the ground” experience in the region to review what may be the world’s most unsettling military and humanitarian event since World War II. He discusses the present situation and analyze the near-term prospects for Russia and Ukraine. Ambassador Taylor has just returned from Ukraine which makes his presentation especially timely.
The Global Economic Impact of the Invasion of Ukraine.  https://youtu.be/kJyYzsG0CDQ 
Prof. Robert Rogowsky, Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey and Georgetown University – WACMB Luncheon Lecture August 30, 2022.
While the world’s main focus since the February 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine has been the tragic human toll and the destruction of Ukrainian territory, the war is also causing a major disruption of global economies. Professor Robert Rogowsky discusses the ripple economic effects of the invasion, including the impact on global supply chains, cost increases, product shortages, and catastrophic food shortages. He also discusses how the international community is addressing these challenges.
Russia and its War Against Ukraine.  https://youtu.be/et2b0HR0JwM
The Honorable Steven Pifer, US Ambassador to Ukraine, 1998 – 2000; Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies, Stanford University – WACMB Luncheon Lecture April 29, 2022.
Russia’s relations with the West and with its neighbor Ukraine have grown increasingly difficult over the past decade. What does the Kremlin want in general, and what drove it to launch a major invasion of Ukraine in February 2022? Our speaker Steven Pifer explores these questions and what the future may hold for Russia and Ukraine.