Discussion Groups – July 2021

WACMB runs two regular discussion groups: one offered entirely through WACMB, and one offered in partnership with the OLLI program at CSUMB. If you are interested in attending a discussion group, please send an email to info@wacmb.org to indicate your interest. Come join the conversation!

WACMB/OLLI Discussion Group

Now that the 2021 Great Decisions discussion series has ended, the OLLI Discussion Group will take its usual seasonal hiatus until the fall.

WACMB Discussion Group

The WACMB Discussion Group will meet on Monday, July 12, to consider the concept of Accelerationism: The International Apocalyptic Doctrine That’s Unifying the Far Right, based on the Quick Take video of the same name by Alex Newhouse, Deputy Director, Center on Terrorism, Extremism, and Counterterrorism at MIIS. The video can be viewed at your convenience by going to this link. This and all other WACMB videos can be found on the Speakers, Topics, and Videos page of this website. We are pleased that Mr. Newhouse will be able to join the discussion, which will take place from 4:00-5:30 via Zoom.

Meetings will continue be held online via Zoom through the spring and summer, and will move to in-person meetings once it’s been determined that such meetings can be done safely.

The WACMB Discussion Group is facilitated by Judith Glickman and Boyd Haight. If you are interested in participating in the group, please send an email to info@wacmb.org and let them know. Come join the conversation!

Schedule is also shown in the WACMB Calendar block nearby. To add a reminder to your personal calendar, click the desired session to expand it and click "copy to my calendar" at the bottom of the listing.