Whither the Dollar: Exorbitant Privilege No More?


Professor Barry Eichengreen

University of California, Berkeley

Cosponsored with the Cal Alumni Association


For a very long time, the US. dollar has been the world’s primary reserve currency, providing an almost endless windfall of riches to the United States. Our good fortune hasn’t gone unnoticed. Early on and perhaps most famously, Valery Giscard d’Estaing, former President of France, referred to the dollar’s reserve currency role as the “Exorbitant Privilege.”

To appreciate why, consider: if a country wants dollars (as so many do), it sells us something to get them. For example, if Germany wants $100,000 from us to add to their reserves, what might they sell us? Let’s say it’s a Mercedes Benz. So, we get a brand-new, expensive car in return for dollars; i.e., pieces of paper that cost us almost nothing to print. That is quite a deal!

Professor Eichengreen explores whether times could be changing and whether our privilege is at risk. What would be the consequences if we were to lose this privilege?

Barry Eichengreen has done research and published widely on the history and current operation of the international monetary and financial system. He is the George C. Pardee and Helen N. Pardee Professor of Economics and Political Science at the University of California, Berkeley where he has taught since 1987. Professor Eichengreen earned his Ph.D. in economics from Yale University.

Date and Times

  • Monday, November 20, 2023
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