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May 26, 2021 —
The World Affairs Council of Cincinnati
and Northern Kentucky presents
Listening for the Heartbeat of Iran
by Tara Kangarlou

Award-winning journalist Tara Kangarlou will discuss the role of media and society in the U.S. and Iran and her insights about the Iranian people and culture.

Her forthcoming book The Heartbeat of Iran will be released on June 1st and captures the heart and soul of a country that’s often seen through news headlines and a political fog that blurs the reality of life for millions of Iranians inside the country. 

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The Security Implications of Climate Change

Tuesday, April 27th
Noon to 1pm

Mr. Joseph Bryan, Senior Advisor on Climate to the Secretary of Defense will speak about The Security Implications of Climate Change.  Mr. Bryan is a dynamic and engaging speaker who is participating in this week’s Leaders Summit on Climate hosted by President Biden. The Summit will underscore the urgency—and the economic benefits—of stronger climate action. President Rondeau will host the session, and Ms. Kristen Fletcher, Faculty Associate in the Energy Academic Group, will moderate with an impressive student-led Q&A team. This event will be streamed on the NPS public website.

Speaker Bio Summary:

Mr. Joseph Bryan is the Senior Advisor on Climate to the Secretary of Defense. Prior to his appointment, Joe Bryan was principal at a consulting practice focused on clean energy technology and its intersection with national security. Joe previously served as Deputy Assistant Secretary of the Navy for Energy where he was responsible for policies relating to the Department’s installation and operational energy programs. Earlier in his career, he led investigations for the Senate Armed Services Committee and served on the professional staffs of the Senate’s Select Committee on Intelligence and Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations. Joe has consulted on energy policy in Namibia and South Africa and began his career working on electricity restructuring and state-level policies to encourage the growth of clean energy markets. He was formerly a Senior Fellow with the Atlantic Council’s Global Energy Center. Mr. Bryan earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in 1991 from Fordham University and a Master of Arts in Urban Affairs and Public Policy, with a focus on energy and environmental policy from the University of Delaware.

From the President’s Executive Orders on Climate Change, the mandates and vision laid out by the President and Secretary of Defense, and the White House Leaders’ Climate Summit, Mr. Bryan will discuss the national security implications of climate change and perspectives on the path forward from the DOD Climate Working Group he leads.

Missile Defense and Technology Warriors

The very compelling event featured VADM Jon A. Hill, Director of the Missile Defense Agency.  You can watch the recording at this link.

The Middlebury Institute Speaker Series features an array of faculty experts discussing topics reflecting the three pillars of the Institute's mission: advancing understanding; promoting peace; and driving change in pursuit of a more just world. A reception will precede each talk, and talks will be 75 minutes long. Sponsored by the Gerry Taylor Seminars Endowment Fund.
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