The Passport for January 2019

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October Program Report

Dr. Thomas Bruneau

At the October luncheon, WACMB was honored to host Dr. Thomas Bruneau, Distinguished Professor Emeritus at the Naval Postgraduate School. Bruneau spoke on “Patriots for Profit? America’s Experience with Private Military Contractors,” with a particular focus on the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. Using private military contractors can be an attractive option for decision makers because there are no long term costs committed to a particular job, just a shorter term contract. In addition, such contractors can be quite effective, as they are often retired special forces and other well trained American military personnel. These sorts of contracts provide significant flexibility to decision makers.

Still, according to Bruneau, the use of private military contractors has gotten out of hand. In 2017, the total Department of Defense budget for contractors was $320 billion, or 55% of the total DoD budget. Some people view contractors as mercenaries, a term Bruneau said is loaded. In reality, contractors are used by the DoD for a wide variety of jobs, from cooks to truck drivers to warriors. This kind of outsourcing is quite legal; indeed, it has been strongly encouraged in US law since the 1980s.

Contractors have become so pervasive in the DoD that most DoD contracting officers who write and oversee various contracts, are contractors themselves. At the end of the day, contractors report to the head of the company that employs them, not to the unit commander in whose office they work. Bruneau argued that significant reform is needed in the DoD contracting model in future American wars abroad.

— by Glenn E. Robinson

A Polite Request

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