Past Speakers, Topics, and Videos

To see a video of the lecture “The Global Rise of Populist Nationalism?” presented on July 14, 2017 by Prof. Francis Fukuyama, click here.

Below is a list of the speakers who have presented at previous WACMB Luncheon Lectures.  For information on upcoming Luncheon Lectures, click here.

Year 2018
2018-06-08SPRINGBORG, Dr. RobertNPS (ret.)The Demise of the Arab Spring and the Deep State
2018-05-17OSTOVAR, Prof. AfshonNPSWhy Iran Remains a Challenge for U.S. Foreign Policy
2018-04-20LANGHOLZ, Dr. JeffMIISA Global Water Crisis? The Future of Water is Closer and Better Than You Think
2018-03-27HANHAM, MelissaMIIS, James Martin Center for Nonproliferation StudiesNorth Korea?s Weapons of Mass Destruction
2018-02-27MORGAN, Emeritus Prof. E.PhilipMIISChallenges to South Africa?s Democracy
2018-01-25RUSSELL, Dr. James A.NPS, Department of National SecurityWorlds Imploding: Politics and Security in the Middle East
Year 2017
2017-12-21HANSEN, Dr. JimSuperintendent, U. S. Naval Research Laboratory, MontereyMeteorology, Oceanography, and National Security
2017-11-29GUELDRY, Prof. MichelMIISToday's Crisis in the European Union: Challenge and Opportunity?
2017-10-26DERR, Prof. Jennifer UC Santa Cruz
2017-09-18MEIERDING, Prof. EmilyNPSClimate Change and Conflict: Assessing the Risks
2017-08-25JOHNSON, Prof. ThomasNPSThe Taliban and the Future of the Afghan Conflict
2017-07-14FUKUYAMA PhD, Prof. FrancisFreeman Spogli Institute, Stanford The Global Rise of Populist Nationalism?
2017-06-19PORCH, Prof. DougNPS, Distinguished Professor EmeritusSustaining Peace in Colombia
2017-05-31FARR, Honorable SamU.S. House of Representatives (1993-2016)Congressional Politics and Foreign Affairs: The Inside Story
2017-04-26HOUT, Prof. ThomasMIIS, Visiting Professor - Tufts UniversityThe Looming Issues in U.S.-China Trade Relations
2017-03-28LUCIUS PhD, CaseyFormer Professor of National Security, Naval War CollegeTests of American Resolve: U.S. National Security Challenges in the Year Ahead
2017-02-17GINGERAS, Prof. RyanNPS, Assoc. Prof. National Security Affairs Turkey on the Brink: Assessing the Uncertainties of the Erdogan Era
2017-01-24DARNTON, Prof. ChristopherNPS, Assoc. Prof. National Security Affairs Ideology, Institutions, and Instability in Contemporary Latin America
Year 2016
2016-12-16CHORIN, Dr. EthanCEO Perim AssociatesThe United States and Libya in the Age of ISIS
2016-11-16GLOSNY, Prof. MichaelNPSChina's Rising Power: The South China Sea
2016-10-18ARQUILLA, Prof. JohnNPSForeign Policy and the Presidential Election: A Nonpartisan Assessment
2016-09-23PICK, COL. Danial "Dino"Deputy City Manager, MontereyAmerica's Foreign Language Deficit: A National Security Crisis?
2016-08-25GREGG, Prof. HeatherNPSThe Eveolution of ISIS: The State, the Transnational Terrorist Threat, and Lone Wolves
2016-07-18HAWKE, Prof. FrankStanford UniversityChina's New Political Economy
2016-06-20VARNUM, Prof. JessicaMIISBridge to Nowhere? Turkey and the West after the Arab Spring
2016-05-20ROGOWSKY PhD, Prof. RobertMIISThe Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP)
2016-04-25FREEMAN, MichaelNPSTerrorist Financing: Past, Present and Future
2016-03-21COHEN, AvnerMIISNuclear Weapons Proliferation in the Middle East: How Big a Threat
2016-02-18STONER, KathrynStanford UniversityThe Domestic Sources of Russia's Return to Global Affairs
2016-01-21FRANK, PeterNPSDoes Europe Have a Future
Year 2015
2015-12-18SNEIDER, DanielDivided Memories: How Wartime History Continues to Bedevil Northeast Asia
2015-11-16HEBERGER, MatthewPacific InstituteDealing with Drought: What CA Can learn from Other Water-Scarce Countries
2015-10-22ARQUILLA, JohnNPSHow to Think About Cyber Security
2015-09-25ARROCHA, WilliamMIISThe Global Migration Crisis
2015-08-17GAUSE, GregoryTexas A&M UniversityThe Middle East Cold War
2015-07-30HUNTLEY, WadeNPSThe United States and Iran: Interpreting the Nuclear Negotiations
2015-06-17SLAYTON, DavidStanford UniversityThe Arctic: Challenges and Opportunities in Security, Energy, and GeoPolitics
2015-05-22DAYTON-JOHNSON, JeffMIISBrazil?s Economic Future
2015-04-24ANDERSON, Prof. DavidCSUMB & NPSThe Fortieth Anniversary of the Fall of Saigon: Disputed Memory
2015-03-31SHOWE, JonathanAuthorThe United States and Cuba: Obstacles and Opportunities for Change
2015-02-27FUKUYAMA PhD, FrancisStanford UniversityPolitical Order and Political Decay
2015-01-28HOUT, ThomasMIISProtest in Hong Kong: Does It Matter?
Year 2014
2014-12-15ROBINSON, GlennNPSA Kurdish State: An Idea Whose Time Has Come?
2014-11-17CLARKE, DuncanAmerican UniversityContemporary American Foreign Policy: Contending Perspectives
2014-09-30NESHEIWAT, Dr. JuliaNPSThe New GeoPolitics of Energy: Challenges and Opportunities
2014-08-25HAFEZ, MohammedNPSISIS and the Future of Iraq
2014-07-22O'SULLIVAN, ChristopherUSFToday?s U.S. Policy in the Middle East: Can We Learn from FDR?
2014-06-27JOSHI, SharadMIISThe Indian Elections and India?s New Government
2014-05-19TWOMEY, ChristopherNPSChinese Foreign Policy
2014-04-30YERXA, RufusNPSUS Trade Policy in a Globalization Age
2014-03-28GINGERAS, RyanNPSTurkey?s Crisis of Leadership: Tayyib Erdogan in Both a Contemporary and Historical Light
2014-02-19DAYTON-JOHNSON, JeffMIISThe Developing World?s Middle Class
2014-01-30PIOMBO, Prof. JessicaNPSSouth Africa After Mandela
Year 2013
2013-12-16CALKINS, RoyalMonterey HeraldCovering World News in a Community Newspaper
2013-11-20GREGG, HeatherNPSConflict within the Islamic World
2013-10-29ABENHEIM, DonaldNPSGermany?s Role in a Shifting Europe
2013-09-25JOHNSON, ThomasNPSAfghanistan Endgame
2013-08-21SPRINGBORG, Prof. RobertNPSEgypt Against Itself: Officers, Islamists, and ?Liberals? in an Unstable Menage a Trois
2013-07-17MORGAN, PhilipMIISChina in Africa
2013-06-24HAHN, GordonCSIS, MIISFrom Chechnya to the Boston Bombings: The Caucasus Emirate Mujahedin
2013-05-24GUZMAN, AndrewUC-BerkeleyOverheated: The Human Cost of Climate Change
2013-04-22WOLFSTHAL, JonMIISEvolving Nuclear Threats from North Korea and Iran
2013-03-15CHAN, MelissaKnight FellowChallenges Journalists Face Getting a Story in a Troubled World
2013-03-15SEMAAN, MariamKnight FellowChallenges Journalists Face Getting a Story in a Trouble World
2013-03-15WESTERVELT, EricKnight FellowChallenges Journalists Face Getting a Story in a Trouble World
2013-02-18IPSON, MichaelInternat?l Finance CorporationChina?s New Leadership: Who Are They and What?s on Their Agenda?
2013-01-18DAHL, ErikNPSAre We Safer Today? The State of America?s Homeland Security
Year 2012
2012-11-15DENNING, DorothyDLICyberSecurity: Are we Headed Towards a Cyber Pearl Harbor or 9-11?
2012-10-26ARQUILLA, JohnNPSCampaign 2012: A Voter?s Guide to Foreign Policy and Security Issues
2012-09-17SCHMIERER, RichardState DepartmentMiddle East in Crisis
2012-08-22POLLINS, BrianOhio State UniversityThe Euro Crisis: Origins and Prospects
2012-07-16LEACH, JerryWAC National OfficeWhere is the Egyptian Revolution Going?
2012-06-20VASSILIEVA, Anna BorisovnaMIISPolitician and Economic Trends in Russia
2012-05-14BOWERS, DanielDLIOn the Ground in Afghanistan
2012-05-14HARVEY, SimeonDLIOn the Ground in Afghanistan
2012-05-14McCROY, MatthewDLIOn the Ground in Afghanistan
2012-04-05MAIOR, George CristianRomanian Intelligence ServiceRomania Today: A New Security Partnership for the US in Europe
2012-03-16BOUZA, TeresaKnight FellowInternational Perspective on the American Race for President
2012-03-16FANTAYE, GirmaKnight FellowInternational Perspective on the American Race for President
2012-03-16McKAY, EmadKnight FellowInternational Perspective on the American Race for President
2012-03-16WILLIAMS, MARTYNKnight FellowInternational Perspective on the American Race for President
2012-02-29PORTER, WayneNPSRethinking US Foreign Policy
2012-01-27STEINBERG, DavidGeorgetown UniversityHow Promising Burma?s New Developments?
Year 2011
2011-12-15PADDOCK, BobDLITunisia and the Origins of the Arab Spring
2011-11-29HARRISON, DianneCSUMBHigher Education Challenges in the Middle East
2011-10-28NIETO, Prof. RodrigoNPSWhich Way Mexico?
2011-09-26DAVIDSON, ErikWells Fargo Private BankThe Japanese Economy: Where Is It? Where Is It Going? Will the United States Follow the Same Path?
2011-08-17CRETZ, Amb. GeneState DepartmentInside Libya
2011-07-26SPRINGBORG, Prof. RobertNPSPost-Mubarak Egypt and Its Challenges for US Policy
2011-06-28KLINE, JeffreyNPSPiracy and Global Maritime Security
2011-05-25PHILLIPS, JohnNPSHeavy Lifting in Space: Building the International Space Station
2011-04-27PICK, Danial (Dino)DLIWhither the Middle East Revolutionary Wave
2011-03-10DUFF-BROWN, BethKnight FellowWikiLeaks and Beyond?The Impact of Transparency on Newsgathering and International Relations
2011-03-10GHAZI, SaharKnight FellowWikiLeaks and Beyond?The Impact of Transparency on Newsgathering and International Relations
2011-03-10HIRSCH, "Paddy"Knight FellowWikiLeaks and Beyond?The Impact of Transparency on Newsgathering and International Relations
2011-03-10VAZQUEZ, KatKnight FellowWikiLeaks and Beyond?The Impact of Transparency on Newsgathering and International Relations
2011-02-18IPSON, MichaelInternat?l Finance CorporationInside the Chinese Economic Juggernaut
2011-01-31POTTER, Dr. WilliamNuclear Dangers on the Horizon: What Is To Be Done?
Year 2010
2010-12-16CORONA, Carlos-FelixGovernment of MexicoAn Evening with the Consul General of Mexico in SF
2010-11-16KADHIM, AbbasNPSYou Vote, We Decide: Iraq?s March Elections and the Ensuing Political Process
2010-09-29DAHL, ErikNPSIntelligence Reform and Reorganization: Is it Making Us Sager Today?
2010-08-24SIEGEL, ScottNPSThe Euro is Falling! The Euro is Falling! Chicken Souvlaki and the European Financial Crisis
2010-07-16LEAVITT, SandraNPSPolitical Crisis in Thailand
2010-06-30SHOWE, JonathanAuthorCuba Rising
2010-05-25KUWAYAMA, TeruKnight FellowAlternate Realities: A Journey Through Afghanistan, Pakistan, and Kashmir
2010-04-26FINGAR, ThomasUS State DepartmentChina on the World State
2010-03-31KARDAM, NuketMIISWomen in Islam: Debate and Reform in the Muslim World
2010-02-25CUELLAR, AlfonsoKnight FellowTweets, Texts, and posts: The Wild Frontier of Social and Online Media Around the World
2010-02-25FAN, MaureenKnight FellowTweets, Texts, and posts: The Wild Frontier of Social and Online Media Around the World
2010-02-25KUWAYAMA, TeruKnight FellowTweets, Texts, and posts: The Wild Frontier of Social and Online Media Around the World
2010-02-25RADU, PaulKnight FellowTweets, Texts, and posts: The Wild Frontier of Social and Online Media Around the World
2010-01-14SEPP, Kalev INPS, Senior Lecturer in Defense AnalysisWhat Next in North Korea?
Year 2009
2009-12-15ESFANDIARI, HalehWoodrow Wilson CenterAn Evening with Haleh Esfandiari
2009-11-18HAFEZ, MohammedNPSIslamic Militancy in North Africa
2009-10-27CROCKER, RyanState DepartmentLessons from a Long War: The US and the Broader Middle East
2009-09-18MORGAN, PhilipMIISTaking Stock: What are the Prospects for Stability and Development in Africa?
2009-08-27PICK, Danial (Dino)DLIAfghanistan Update
2009-07-31SPRINGBORG, Prof. RobertNPSEgypt in the 21st Century
2009-06-16RAMASWAMY, SunderMIISGlobal Economic Issues
2009-05-20RUEHSEN, MoyaraMIISMoney Laundering and Terrorist Financing in the Middle East
2009-04-29PORCH, DougNPSColombia: back From the Brink 4/29/09
2009-03-06BUNSHA, DionneKnight FellowThe World Financial Crisis
2009-03-06DORIA, PedroKnight FellowThe World financial Crisis
2009-03-06HERMAN, BurtKnight FellowThe World Financial Crisis
2009-03-06SMITH, GeriKnight FellowThe World Financial Crisis
2009-02-19BAER, RobertWriterThe Devil We Know?Dealing with the New Iranian Superpower
2009-01-27CHANNELL, Ralph NormanNPSRussia Returns to the World Scene
Year 2008
2008-12-12HIEBERT, FredrikNational GeographicAfghanistan: The Amazing Story of the National Museum, Kabul, and Its Treasures
2008-11-24MOLTZ, Dr ClayNPSArming the Heavens?
2008-10-27HERBERG, MikkalPacific Council on International Policy
2008-08-26SANDUSKY, Sue AnnDLIThe Defense Language Institute?s Response to War on Terror
2008-06-24KADHIM, AbbasNPSInside Iraq: Domestic Politics and the Prospect for Nation Building
2008-05-22LYON, DavidState Department (retired)From Whales, Missionaries, and Gunboats to the Global War on Terrorism: America and the Pacific Islands from the 1840s to Today
2008-04-25ROBINSON, GlennNPSUS Policy in Palestine: Failure to Follow the Script in Hand
2008-03-08DUDLEY, StevenKnight FellowImpacts of Globalization Where I Live and Work
2008-03-08PERRETT, JanineKnight FellowImpacts of Globalization Where I Live and Work
2008-03-08SCHULTZ, SusannaKnight FellowImpacts of Globalization Where I Live and Work
2008-03-08YOUNG, RickKnight FellowImpacts of Globalization Where I Live and Work
2008-02-21HAN, DongmanEmbassy of KoreaThe Future of the Korean Peninsula (with Jack Pritchard and Andrew Ou)
2008-02-21OU, AndrewThe Future of the Korean Peninsula (with Dongman Han and Jack Pritchard)
2008-02-21PRITCHARD, Charles (Jack)Korea Economic InstituteThe Future of the Korean Peninsula (with Dongman Han and Andrew Ou))
2008-01-31MANN, JamesJohns Hopkins UniversityAmerican Policy Towards China
Year 2007
2007-12-11MINETA, NormHill and KnowltonInternational Transportation in Crisis: Keeping the Global Supply Chan Moving
2007-11-28WALES, JaneWAC-San FranciscoDarfur, Chad, and the Responsibility to Protect
2007-10-24CHANDRASEKARAN, RajivThe Washington PostImperial Life in the Emerald City: Inside Iraq?s Green Zone
2007-08-29ROBINSON, GlennNPSThe Palestinians in Post-Arafat Middle East (1/18/05)
2007-07-25BUTLER, PhillipFormer POW-VietnamTerror Detainees: The US Debate
2007-06-26PIOMBO, Prof. JessicaNPSElections in Nigeria: Democratic Development or Decline?
2007-05-16JOHNSON, ThomasNPSPakistan and the War on Terror: Running with the Hare and Hunting with the Hounds
2007-04-12ZIELENZIGER, MichaelUC-BerkeleyWhat Happened to Tokyo? Understanding the Simmering Discontent of Modern Japan
2007-03-27SHORE, ZacharyNPSBreeding Bin Ladens: America, Islam, and the Future of Europe
2007-03-03AKHVLEDIANI, MargaritaKnight FellowDangerous Assignments: What Journalists do to Bring You a Story
2007-03-03ALI, InitiazKnight FellowDangerous Assignments: What Journalists do to Bring You a Story
2007-03-03McBRIDE, PeterKnight FellowDangerous Assignments: What Journalists do to Bring You a Story
2007-03-03SANCHEZ, Patricia MercadoKnight FellowDangerous Assignments: What journalists Do to Bring You a Story
2007-03-03SCHMIDT, EricKnight FellowDangerous Assignments: What Journalists Do to Bring You a Story
2007-01-22TAYLOR, John BStanford UniversityGlobal Financial Warriors: The Untold Story of International Finance in the Post 9/11 World
Year 2006
2006-12-14KEZIRIAN, RichardMPCInsights into Great Leadership
2006-11-09CHHIBBER, PradeepUC-BerkeleyRising India: Democratic Politics and Economic Growth
2006-10-18SEPP, Kalev INPSThe Next War in Iraq
2006-09-21ROTHSTEIN, Hy S.NPSAfghanistan and Unconventional Warfare
2006-08-17DITTMER, LowellUC-BerkeleyA Rising China: Will It Be Peaceful?
2006-07-17HASSOUNA, HusseinLeague of Arab StatesCurrent Challenges Facing the Arab World
2006-06-22YU, ClaraMIISInternational Education in the 21st Century
2006-05-30TRINKUNAS, HaroldNPSUnderstanding Venezuela?s New ?Bolivarian? Foreign Policy: Implications for the United States and Latin America
2006-04-10STEINBERG, DavidGeorgetown UniversityBurma: The State of Myanmar
2006-03-11AU, AllenKnight FellowPress Freedom Around the World
2006-03-11DOMOSLAWSKI, ArturKnight FellowPress Freedom Around the World
2006-03-11ESPINA-VARONA, IndayKnight FellowPress Freedom Around the World
2006-03-11PRADHAN, SumanKnight FellowPress Freedom Around the World
2006-03-11TURNER, MartinKnight FellowPress freedom Around the World
2006-02-21STEDMAN, StevenStanford UniversityThe United nations: Prospects for Reform (2/21/06)
2006-01-24ARQUILLA, JohnNPSThe Web, The Net, and the War on Terror
Year 2005
2005-12-19BRODER, DavidThe Washington PostWhere Have All the Leaders Gone?
2005-11-15GOLD, ThomasUC-BerkeleyManaging the US-Taiwan-China Relationship
2005-09-27MANSAGER, Col. TuckerDLIUS-Afghan-Pakistani Cooperation
2005-08-18NASR, Dr. ValiNPSImplications of Recent Developments in Iran
2005-07-18AJAK, BenjaminAuthorThe Human Face of Turmoil in Sudan, Spoke along with Alepho Deng
2005-07-18DENG, AlephoAuthorThe human Face of Turmoil in Sudan, Spoke along with Benjamin Ajak
2005-06-09CAMPBELL, LeslieNational Democratic InstituteProspects for Democracy in the Middle East, Spoke along with Judy Van Rest
2005-06-09VAN REST, JudyInternational Republican InstituteProspects for Democracy in the Middle East, Spoke along with Leslie Campbell
2005-05-10GUTTIERI, KarenNPSStability Operations in Afghanistan and Iraq
2005-04-22BEREUTER, DouglasAsia FoundationCongress and the Making of American Foreign Policy
2005-03-28KIPPER, JudithCouncil on Foreign RelationsThe United States and Saudi Arabia
2005-03-12DADA, CarlosKnight FellowGlobalization Reassessed
2005-03-12FERRISS, SusanKnight FellowGlobalization Reassessed
2005-03-12JETER, JohnKnight FellowGlobalization Reassessed
2005-03-12WEIHUA, ChenKnight FellowGlobalization Reassessed
2005-02-22SANDS, AmyMIISWeapons of Mass Destruction: What Lies Ahead?
Year 2004
2004-12-10FINGAR, ThomasUS State DepartmentThe 9/11 Commission and Intelligence Reform
2004-11-09EMMERSON, DonaldStanford UniversityIndonesia 2004: The Year of Voting Peacefully
2004-10-28LEACH, JerryWAC National OfficeTurkey: An illiberal Democracy
2004-09-28GUELDRY, MichelMIISAn Update of Recent Developments in the European Union
2004-08-05DIAMOND, LarryStanford UniversityProspects for Democracy and Stability in Iraq
2004-07-23BAYLOUNY, Anne MarieNPSLebanon: Current Crisis, Old Problems
2004-07-23BEININ, JoelStanford UniversityIs There a Viable Roadmap to Israeli-Palestinian Peace?
2004-06-07EIKENBERRY, KarlUS ArmyBuilding Security in Afghanistan
2004-05-13WEINER, EricNPRAn Evening with Eric Weiner
2004-04-17ABBAS, AsmatKnight FellowForeign Perspectives on the US Role as Superpower
2004-04-17GONZALEZ, PabloKnight FellowForeign Perspectives on the US Role as Super Power
2004-04-17GUISSANI, BrunoKnight FellowForeign Perspectives on the US Role as Superpower
2004-04-17KANDA, YukiKnight FellowForeign Perspectives on the US Role as Superpower
2004-04-17MAKELAINEN, MikaKnight FellowForeign Perspectives on the US Role as Superpower
2004-04-17PARK, Yong ChanKnight FellowForeign Perspectives on the US Role as Superpower
2004-03-22VASSILIEVA, Anna BorisovnaMIISThe United States and Russia
2004-02-25OBERDORFER, DonJohn Hopkins UniversityThe Korea Crisis
2004-01-13LAMPTON, DavidJohn Hopkins UniversityThe Stealth Normalization of US-China Relations Since 9/11
Year 2003
2003-11-20SIMONE, MichaelDLIWhat is Ahead for US-Russia Military Cooperation?
2003-10-23FEELEY, JohnNPSThe Challenges of Nation-Building: Kosovo to Iraq