Student Essay Contest 2021 Deadline April 19

To encourage interest in international affairs and global studies, the World Affairs Council of the Monterey Bay Area is pleased to present an essay contest for local high school students.

Winners will receive awards of $150.

Participants should write a 350 –400-word essay addressing the one of the following topics:

  • Does social media influence the world for better or worse, or both?
  • What would you do to improve our world if elected to lead a free nation?
  • What is the most important fundamental human right?
  • What, if any, are the responsibilities of superpowers to the world at large?
  • How can we create worldwide demand for peace?
  • What steps should we take to stop climate change? Why will the world take your advice?

This contest is open to all students in their teens in local and regional schools in the Monterey Bay area.

Essays must be submitted no later than Monday, April 19, 2021.

Submissions and questions should be sent to Michelle Amirkhanian at