WACMB Recommends – Issue #14 – June 25, 2021

Welcome to Issue #14 of our brief newsletter with selected content from the many sources regarding world affairs. There are various formats in the below events; enjoy their messages which will contribute to understanding these issues. We wish you a happy and healthy month.

1) Firstpost: “Why Imran Khan Continues to Refrain from Criticising China on Uighur Situation in Xinjiang Province.” Read here. 

2) The Quincy Institute for Responsible Statecraft: “Why Iran’s Next Hardline President Should Thank Donald Trump.” Read here. 

3) The Wilson Center: “Disease-Related Stigmas, Their Origins, Their Persistence, and Have We Learned Anything to Stop Them? A Comparative Look at HIV/AIDS and COVID-19.” Watch here. 

4) Center for Strategic and International Studies: “Why Sustainable Public Utilities Are a Security Issue.” Watch here. 

5) Council on Foreign Relations: “Prospects for a Global Minimum Tax Rate.” Watch here.